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International Voting Trust Agreement

In order for a non-US citizen to operate an aircraft with an N number (US Registry) whether for use in the United States or for use abroad, the aircraft registration must be handled by an International Voting Trust Agreement.  By setting up a Delaware Corporation (or LLC) and then transferring the new business to the trust, it becomes possible for a non-US citizen to operate the aircraft.

The cost of an International Voting Trust agreement is:

    $4,500 for piston powered aircraft and

    $10,000 for jet powered aircraft

    $3400 for Homebuilt (under 12,500lbs/5660kgs) or Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Click to view/print Trust Agreement application. (or right click to download)

We can also take care of International Registry requirements as set forth in the Cape Town Treaty should this be required.



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